Free Education University

Is a 17 course curriculum that teaches you how to find the right financial opportunities to fund your higher education and graduate debt free!

Free Education University is an all-inclusive, eleven course curriculum that teaches you how to find the right financial opportunities to fund your higher education and graduate debt free!  


  • How to write your admissions and scholarship essays  
  • How to find scholarships and grants specifically tailored to your personality type, hobbies, college major(s), and much more!  
  • How to get grants for trade or vocational school, community colleges, or a university 
  • How to graduate DEBT FREE!

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Matthew's Story

Growing up in a single-parent home, Matthew was acutely aware of the financial difficulties surrounding him, his mother and his two brothers. By the time he reached high school, Matthew was determined to find a way to fund his education, and 8 years later he completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees debt-free without ever taking out a student loan. He was able to receive money for books, gas, clothing, food, rent, tuition, and off campus training programs. Since completing his own education by achieving a B.S. Degree and Master’s Degree, Matthew has dedicated his career to helping others fund their education in the same way he did. His advice has inspired and assisted hundreds of students and families to fund their education.


WEEK 1: FIND YOUR PURPOSE The course begins by helping you discover what you want to study and why. You might know what you want to study already, however, this course will help uncover some hidden discoveries about yourself! WEEK 2: EYE OPENING FUNDAMENTALS Learn the fundamentals, terms, and strategies that pertain to finding monetary sources for your higher education. Understand how these basics can be translated into stipends, on-campus jobs, grants, and scholarships. WEEK 3: BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR PASSIONS This is the first question I ask everyone I work with. It is an important one because it gives you and I a broad sense of who you are, what you like, and why you like it. This will be the first part of your story, and while you are sharing this I will be connecting this content to funding resources. You will not only walk away with some resources, but a knowing that everything you are is important and can be turned into funding. WEEK 4: WORKING AND VOLUNTEERING There are literally 100s of scholarships and funding opportunities that pertain to your work and volunteer experiences. Don’t get stuck on conventional things. Remember, everything matters! WEEK 5: OBSTACLES: DON’T SHY AWAY FROM THE GOLDEN NUGGET The process of embracing your obstacles can lead to understanding why you do what you do. The “WHY” will be your ‘Golden Nugget’ used for funding opportunities, interviews, relationship building, the scholarship application/essay, and your personal college essay, just to name a few. Get ready to share who you are. WEEK 6: SELF-EXPRESSION In a world of black and white and conforming to the society around us, it is nice to be able to kick back and express your true self. In this installment, we are going to get to the root of “you” and your interests. Believe it or not, uniqueness has a huge role in how potential recruiters will make their decision on accepting you into certain schools and programs. WEEK 7: CREATE A JOB FROM SCRATCH That’s right, if you could do anything or be anything, what would that look like for you. Could you create a job that would completely define who you are? How amazing would it be if you could create the perfect job for you by simply writing the job description to match your personality and individuality? WEEK 8A: HOW TO BUILD YOUR FUNDING DATABASE (BROKEN INTO 5 PARTS) You will need to know where your funding is coming from and how much you are able to get from the sources you uncover.This is a very relevant question in this course, as you will need to know where your funding is coming from and how much are you able to get from these sources. You will also need to understand how to manage these sources and the organizational skills that it will require to maximize the effectiveness needed to help pay your way through school. WEEK 8B: MASTERING GOOGLE RESEARCH RESULTS Google has helped transform the world in this technological and information era. In this course, you will learn how Google can be one of your best searching tools to help you find un-utilized scholarships and grants or internship programs with amazing benefits. WEEK 9: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXPERTS TO MASTER NETWORKING (BROKEN INTO 2 PARTS) It is not who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU. Learn how to stand out with the people reviewing your materials so they see beyond the words you’ve written. Let them get to know you in writing and in person. This is what you will be walking away within this course. WEEK 10: PUTTING IN AN APPLICATION This is the moment you have been working towards. Whether it is a personal essay for college admittance or for scholarships and grants, an application is the final phase between you and your goal of earning the opportunity to receive grants and scholarships. This course will walk you through the application process. Let’s start turning in materials to get you money. WEEK 11: GRIT AND PERSEVERANCE This course is about realizing that failure is just an opportunity to grow and change; to learn what works and what doesn’t. throughout this curriculum, I’ve shared what works and pointed out the things that don’t. Now is the time to take the plunge for yourself! Remember, there is no such thing as failure, which will give you the opportunity to change your strategy and become stronger and more successful in the funding world in order to help your education flourish. CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished this curriculum!

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Free Bonus Documents

  • Dos and Don'ts To Getting Funding 
  • Student Stories Examples 
  • How to-Writing a High School Resume 
  • Personal Profile to help the counselor 
  • Help Student Talk with the Recommender 
  • Sample Student Resume 
  • To Help Recommenders get Started 
  • Curriculum Outline 
  • Scholarship Opportunies Off The Beaten Path 
  • Scholarships From Your Passion to Read

Meet your Instructor

Matthew is a walking multi-utility knife: he was a chemistry lab assistant when it wasn’t even his major; he got into college affordably thanks to his musical scholarship; and by the time he became a career advisor, he had taught college level biology, algebra, statistics, and had lectured in front of hundreds of people. He’s a man who knows how to get things done, but more importantly, he knows how to network, and networking has always been the key to his success. He is the Associate Director at Prescott College, almost right next to his Arizona home, where he shares his methods on how to get the funding for college so that students can go to college for free. Matthew has a diverse family, of two brothers who work in Hollywood, a father who works in the health industry, and a mother who runs her own company selling construction equipment. Quite a cast of characters, Matthew included, and what a cast of people that make up his network. There’s no denying he is a powerful talent in his field, and his advice has inspired and assisted students tremendously.

“My undergraduate and graduate studies would have cost me over $70,000, but I was able to go to school without taking out any loans by successfully obtaining scholarships, grants, and sponsorships from organizations, and MUCH MORE.

“Scholarships are not an easy to tackle, so I thought. Matthew absolutely changed my entire outlook on scholarship hunting.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish? The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. How long do I have access to the course? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.